About Us

Our History

Full Service General Contractor.

Mark Hoeppner Construction, Inc. is a full service general contractor concentrating on the commercial, industrial and institutional construction market.

Mark Hoeppner Construction, Inc. management has extensive experience in all aspects of construction projects. Mark has over 35 years of experience in the field of construction management, ranging in the construction of new facilities worth over several million dollars to much smaller projects such as tenant finishes.

We are very proud of our excellent working relationship with the subcontractors and material suppliers, which will enable us to assemble a strong, organized team. Projects will be monitored by our construction management team from the onset until total customer satisfaction at the completion of the project.

Mark Hoeppner Construction, Inc. concentrates working closely with the customer to give them a project that will surpass their expectation of quality while keeping the costs within budget and completing the project on time. Every project, large or small, will receive our total commitment to quality craftsmanship and be handled in a professional manner. Customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship are what Mark Hoeppner Construction, Inc. stands for.

Leadership & Office Team

Mark Hoeppner - Owner / President

Mark has been President since the inception of Mark Hoeppner Construction, Inc. Mark holds an Associate’s Degree in Architectural Technology from Purdue University and has been involved in the construction industry for over 37 years. Mark has had numerous awards throughout his career. Mark is currently serving a second 3-year term as a member of CECO Building Systems PAC (President’s Advisory Council). He is also involved in many community projects including Associated Builders & Contractors, American Society of Professional Estimators and was appointed to the "Plan It Allen" Plan Committee.

Laura Beyer - Office Administrator (20+ years experience)

Stephanie Mackin - Project Manager (8+ years experience) stephaniem@hoeppnerconstruction.com

Brent Hegerfeld - Project Manager (5+ years experience) bhegerfeld@hoeppnerconstruction.com

Design / Build Projects Title

Mark Hoeppner Construction, Inc. has been involved with Design / Build projects for many years now. We have had much success in regard to owner and our company satisfactions. Mark Hoeppner Construction Inc. has completed and are currently completing several Design / Build projects. Here are some advantages of Design / Build over Plan / Spec projects.

Team Members
One of the main advantages of the Design / Build concept is the team that is formed. The owner, contractor and architect form a trusting team to achieve a common goal of a quality facility for the owner. This also builds the all-important communication lines between the parties that are maintained from design to completion.

With Design / Build the main focus is quality and desires with cost, not just cost. This makes the costing of desired items less cumbersome because they can be investigated during the design, not after the bid.

The Design / Build time frame is genuinely shorter. The pricing for the project is being prepared as the drawings are being completed. This can eliminate a few months out of the process, especially if the project is over budget. If a project goes through the bid process and the bids come in over budget, the design needs to be redone and the whole process is repeated. This situation can be eliminated in the Design / Build process.

Quality is important to everyone, especially in a project where you are investing a substantial amount of money. In the Plan / Spec process the contractor has to use the lowest priced subcontractor because if the contractor does not there is the real possibility that they will not be the selected contractor. Lowest price does not always mean that you are getting the best. In the Design / Build process you choose the subcontractors that you have worked with on past projects and know will do quality work and still remain economical.

Confidence / Relationship
With the owner being a team member there is an involvement with the contractor and architect that will not be realized in a Plan / Spec process. The owner can feel comfortable talking with the contractor and / or his field reps during the construction process. Also, with this personal relationship, questions or concerns can be more easily and quickly answered.